I am a retail girl at heart. Having started my fashion career on the shop floor, I will always advocate for shopping in-store rather than online. Though aside from my sentimental feelings about in-store shopping there are some benefits that online will never be able to match.

Foremost the ability to be able to inspect the quality of product you wish to buy is first, for anyone serious about curating a wardrobe of substance and timeless capability online shopping should be avoided where possible. I often use online to rather browse and research than actually buy. Armed with a list of options I have found on the web I head into stores (dressed up for the occasion, I might add) and then proceed to inspect and try on the styles I am looking for.

As the old saying goes failure to plan, is a plan to fail so I strongly encourage online browsing and research before a trip into stores.

Of all of the tips for successfully shopping in stores, my one recommendation would have to be research before you leave the house!

I have found research and planning before a trip into stores avoids the common complaint I have from clients, who often say they find themselves walking around in circles not knowing what to buy.  How heartbreaking/annoying is it when that happens! Most people don’t realise the same thing actually happens to us  online it’s just that when you go back and forth from one website to another you don’t feel the same anger as when you have taken the extra effort to drive your self to the stores walk around for some hours only to leave empty-handed or in some cases end up purchasing something that is entirely not related to what you come to the stores for in the first place.  The only way to avoid this is to come prepared.

Now with all of this said I do understand the convenience of online shopping not to mention the excitement you feel when the delivery arrives and creates a fun distraction from a normal day. I know in some cases online shopping cannot be avoided. and life does simply not allow the time to dress up and go to the shops.Here are my key tip and advise for those game enough to buy investment pieces online.  The most important tip is KNOW YOUR MEASUREMENTS. This means actually taking the time to take your measurements and then having them handy and available as a point of reference when you are shopping online.  My other tip would be to ensure you stick to shapes and style you are sure suit your body shape and personal style online shopping is not the time to experiment unless you enjoy trying to pack the delivery back up into the return bag  (I find I can never get it to fit the way that it was delivered) and getting to a post box only to then realise you still have nothing to wear for your upcoming event.

Finally, when shopping solely for the purpose of scratching the shopping itch or what I like to call the treat yo self moments shoes are the way to go! Shoes more often than not Always fit!

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